Monday, November 7, 2011

Wreathing Nuts!

Okey dokey smokey, I know that it can be quite offensive to Tom turkey when we still his gravy and thunder, but women who take Christmas decorating seriously need all the time they can get. So giving my condolences to the bird, but Poor Badger is kicking off the most coveted time of the year for craters with a wreath.

First lets start this off with a MAJOR tip. Instead of spending $10 or more on foam wreaths at your local craft haunts, go to Lowe's and in the plumbing section find foam pipe insulators. I got a 9 foot tube for only 97 CENTS! I cut it in half and now I have two wreaths for pennies compared to the foam wreaths. When you cut them in half just tape the ends together, duct tape would work better, but a Poor Badger uses what she has. Also the 1/2 inch wide tubes seem to bend better then the 1 inch wide tubes.

While grocery shopping I found these cute mini cupcake wrappers for $1.98 for 100. To make this wreath you can use the mini, the full size, and any color or style you want. This wreath is so easy to suite the different Christmas themes out there. 

Take your cupcake liner and using a glue gun put a dot on the bottom and start smushing these suckers on your wreath. My cupcake liners were white on the inside so I flipped them all inside out, but you decide what looks good for your wreath. Another tip; I used my thimble when smushing the liner onto the wreath after putting the hot glue on. Hot glue burns, you gals need watch those fingers. 

Keep adding until you get the wreath you want, then when you are done you can add a fun bow or maybe an ornament to complete the look. Easy, right?!?!

1 - 1/2 inch copper tube insulator - 97 cents
1 - Pack of 100 mini cupcake liners - $1.98

Now that is how a Poor Badger does Christmas. 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Barb, I really like the wreath! You are so creative!!

  2. Thank you sooo much! I'm good with a glue gun, but I hope to one day be as awesome as you gals at church on the sewing machine. =)

  3. this is a cool wreath. it could be made for various holidays. maybe you could add some bunnies or small crosses, & other religious symbols for Easter? i love that you saved money & also recycled the insulating tube. (i use coupons all the time) i think we are cut of the same cloth. except i don't have kids, but i love a lot of kids i know. i love Jesus so much too. i'm a musician in Massachusetts who enjoys crafts & kids & religion. i read a lot about the saints & other good books about The Bible stories- His Good Book. God is so good
    to love the people of this world. even tho they ignore Him & many don't believe in Him. i hope they will open their hearts to Him someday. He loves all His children. i grew up in Penna. people are more down to earth & aren't afraid to show their faith there than in the city where i live now. Many people here- have no idea how much God has blessed them.. i miss my large family but have been sick in recent years so i can't travel.i am so grateful for the telephone.
    i will keep you & your family in my prayers Happy Easter! May Our Lord & Savior continue to bless you & your sweet family. your kids are so beautiful. You are a good Mom to love them as you do & to enjoy your life with them. it doesn't take a lot of money to have a lot of fun making things. when you recycle your creativity comes out more. i enjoyed going to yard sales, etc when i wasn't sick. you're right- you can make anything fit into your style. crafting is a good way to explore different types of home decorating . Martha doesn't have anything on you. (watch out- she might try to take your wreath idea. (you should send her a link to it. (maybe she's put you on her show? there's a link to her email at her website. ) you are teaching your kids a valuable lesson by showing them how to make something from nothing.. keep enjoying your kids especially while they are young. God Bless You all...cute puppy too. keep appreciating all your blessings. glad i found your website today... mare ion Boston