Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter craft: Making a cross with ribbons.

This is our first Easter as born again Christians. We have always believed in Heavenly Father, but this year we have really dedicated our life to him. So this Easter is pretty exciting for our family. I LOVE decorating and didn't find too many religious decorations. So that meant I had to get my glue gun out!

When I craft I live by the motto: 'use what you have and spend very little!' I noticed we was getting low on cereal (see how frugal I am, cheap stuff!), I mixed the little bits in the bag and made a new cereal and used the boxes for my cross frame.

Open the boxes up and lay them flat. If you don't have cereal boxes any card board or poster board will work perfectly.

Now you are going to trace the the length wise beam of the cross. You can use any ruler or straight edge you can find. Luckily my rotary cutter I use for sewing came with this handy dandy ruler and it is perfect size for my cross. I just traced with pen the width and length, then pushed it down to make the perfect length for me.

This is what the back of the long beam looks like after you traced and cut it out.

Now I am going to use the same steps before to cut the width wise beam. This will be the same width, just a shorter length.

These will be the two beams after you have cut them both out.

Now you are going to glue the two pieces together creating your cross.

Now I took 7/8ths purple ribbon and hot glued it to the back side. For my project I choose purple, this is something you can get creative with and change it up.

After you glued the ribbon to the back side, flip your cross over and fold the edges of the ribbon and glue to the front with your hot glue gun.

This is what it will look like once you have covered all the edges with ribbon.

Now the fun part! Start your ribbon any where on the board and hot glue it down. Every 4-5 inches glue the ribbon down with a dot of hot glue. The whole time twist the ribbon and do this completely random. 

Keep this process up by adding different shades of the purple ribbon (or the color of your choice) and different size/textured ribbons. The randomness makes it interesting.

This is what it looks like after several strands of various ribbons. Here is a little badger cheat: if you don't want to use that much ribbon, you can paint the cardboard before applying any ribbon. That way you don't have to use that much ribbon and the card board won't be seen. I plan to store this properly and use it for many Easters to come, so I didn't mind using a ton of ribbon. Don't forget to take breaks every so often to pick all the hot glue spider webs off. Those buggers get every where!

Just keep adding ribbon until you get the look you want. After several yards of ribbon and many glue sticks, I think I got her.

Now glue a random ribbon to the back so you will have something to hang it up with. 

And you are done! I picked the cross, but you could easily draw an egg, bunny, carrot, or basket and do the same exact thing. If you picked something else, you could also use several different colors of ribbons. This is another craft that your imagination can go wild on.

I am really excited to have made this cross. It is very important to us to show our kids that Easter is more than peeps and bunnies. 

Happy Easter from Poor Badger!

And they clothed him with purple, and platted a crown of thorns, and put it about his head. Mark 15:17

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