Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cooling off in the heat by freezing a lizard and rat: toddler fun!

Yea! Back to blogging, so let's just dive in. In Kentucky it has been HOT, so I came up with a quick, easy, and for us poor folks: FREE project. 

Go in your kids room and find some silly plastic toys. I found these two lurking at the bottom of the toy box.

Grab two cheap plastic containers. We had these  down in a drawer. I thought about using an old baby wipe box, either way I'd pick something you wouldn't mind if it cracked in the freezer.

Now, in the words of Olivia 'Drown that rat!'

The lizard pictures seemed sad, like the animal lover in me wanted to save him. 

Now pop those puppies in the freezer 6-8 hours.  

They had been good toys.

Now the fun part, run hot water over the plastic cup and pop that puppy out. On this day is was 95 degrees and we welcomed our fun game.

We imagined that the rat and lizard was trapped in the ice age, and we had to save them!

I am just in LOVE with this pretty little girl and her princess hair.

My red headed stranger took the task of rescuing the lizard. 

After an HOUR of cooling off with this free, fun toy we busted them loose using the smashing method. 


I think this summer is going to be HOT so I hope all of you stay safe, keep cool, and have FUN this summer. 

Special thanks to the poor lizard and rat who sacrificed themselves for this fun.

And even more special thanks to the two toddlers who inspire me, challenge me, and who have stole my creative heart; Olivia and Cody.

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