Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Series: My fantastical romp with ZIPPERS!

Zippers, zippers, and zippers!

Right now we are penny pinching. Today a local church was having a hot dog and rummage sale. Since the church is only a 10 minute walk from our home, I walked all three baby badgers over to have lunch and support the church.

I was not wanting to buy anything except the hot dogs when a bag caught my eye. It was filled with at least a hundred zippers of every color. I really needed ONE zipper so I asked how much, the kind woman said one DOLLAR for the WHOLE bag! My crafting brain almost seized on me, SOLD!

I could not believe the deal I found. At that point I was on such a craft high I over looked my onry toddler Cody stuffing hot dog (including sauce) into his shorts pocket. There is something about a fresh craft find that makes everything OK.

So as I sat at the park while the kids got even MORE dirty I thought about the endless projects. I decided to challenge myself. I am going to do a summer series where I make several tutorials using these fabulous zippers.
I hope to get started this weekend on the first zipper tutorial and I will keep doing the zipper blogs until summer ends or I run out of zippers. 

Now I need to mention my model for this blog. This is Uncle Harvey. Uncle Harvey has been my cat for the last 12 years. I had him before my husband and kids. He is a fat cat who is currently retired and HATING it. He was a outdoor cat in his younger days who enjoyed fighting and catching mice. Sadly Uncle Harvey got into a pretty major fight with a dog last year and he is now retired from the outdoors. That is why he always looks a little annoyed.

Special thanks to my zipper model: Uncle Harvey!

Stay tuned for some awesome zipper fun!

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