Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our love letter to Fall

No crafts this time, I promise I have one more Halloween blog up my sleeve. This is just our love letter to Fall.

Fall is that tricky time of year when the heat of Summer is a distant memory and the air is crisp with warning of cool days to come.

As the beautiful leaves turns shades of yellow, red, and brown we are reminded God still has a few beautiful surprises op his sleeves.

Fall lets families enjoy the warmth of a warm hoody and the snuggle of a dear loved one.

Fall can be a time of magic, all kids know that pumpkins are the gourd of choice for all wicked witches.

Our family started in the fall. 8 years ago in November as the leaves died our family began it's beautiful life. Then 4 years ago in the fall God sent us our first angel.

Last fall God sent us our last angel. The fall was when our forever family began.

Even though this man was sent to us from heaven during the winter, God kissed his head with hair as red as beautiful fall leaves.

As the year winds down and we get lost in a maze of triumph and tragedy that occurred throughout the year,

the fall will fill us with that ever lasting hope that the new year will have more triumph and less tragedy. Like a loved one at the end of a maze calling you home.

The fall is Gods promise of feasts with family, the praising of our saviors birth, and other magic is just around the corner.

The fall is when we put on our political hats and elect leaders. Some will fight, others will come together evoking compassion and compromise. Like a brother and sister who can fuss and argue, but will always remain the best play mates you could find.

In a society that spins faster and faster...

always rushing without looking at the blessings we have in our homes and outside our doors...

the fall gives us that chance to slow down, hold on, and live and love.

Really, slow down. See what blessings you might miss.

We love the fall, we love that magic and excitement in the air.

We love our gypsy family. We are Scaffs. We are a family who are thick as thieves and unapologetic about our weirdness or awkwardness.

So this is our love letter to our favorite time of year. We love the celebrations, the weather, and the beauty of Gods creations.

As we left our fun day at the greenhouse with two kids pleading, crying, and pitching level 12 hissy fits, this goat left me a lovely thought.  Even the best fall day can still have an yucky butt at the end.  ;)