Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome to the bat cave!

Hey there! My goal on helping you get festive this Halloween without sending you to the poor house continues.

This week I took a single BUCK and created something fun for your bat cave.

Our local Dollar Store had these fun bats, 15 for $1!
I think the Dollar Tree also had these.

So the easy tip is to simply fold these suckers (blood suckers!) wings and tape them in a interesting design. This would give you a chance to use those bone folders Martha pushes on us almost every episode. (I just used my Poor Badger paws)

Easy peazy, lemon squeezy. Right?!?!

So since this was a short, sweet, simple, and CHEAP blog I thought I'd show off the most beautiful things I've created. (Well, not just me. Mr. Badger helped)

Miss Olivia, the oldest and most creative of the baby badgers. Freshly turned 4 and a very important young lady.

My red headed stranger, Cody. He may be only 2 but this boy is the toughest and wildest of the baby badgers. He loves his mama and loves to rough house.

Oh Abigail. Oh our Abigail. She is only 10 months old but she is a firecracker! She has a face that just MELTS this mom and a wild and wooly spirit that I pray the world never tames. 

Happy Halloween from the creative team of Poor Badger:
Olivia, Cody, Abigail, Jayson, and Barb.