Saturday, October 1, 2011

DIY: Yard Reaper

Time for another Poor Badger Halloween tutorial.
I have always gave credit to Ms. Martha Stewart for being the bottom line Queen of Halloween, but this year I am aiming hard for at least the Duchess of Doom title. 

Like all of my projects this one was very easy and VERY CHEAP.

Our Out-Let store had this costume for $4.95, so it was a SCORE!

I found a wonky ball from my tots room that made a perfect head, a few swipes of some cheap Folk-Art acrylic paint in red and this monster had some snazzy peepers. 

Since the costume was a kids costume, our yard reaper was only 4 or 5 feet tall. If you wanted taller, you could get an adults costume or sew yourself a black robe. 

We used an tomato stick and stuck it into the ground a few inches for stability. Then a few feet of chicken wire (which can be bought at a feed store or Lowes) framed the little fellers body so he could be dressed. 

Some wire ties helped hold the whole shabang together. God bless wire ties!

We dressed our newest yard member and had him point the way to our spooky plots. 

More spooky crafts to come!

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