Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crepe Paper Ruffles

Got a super easy project for you. It cost only two bucks and is something you can do in less than an hour. This is a craft that has been HUGE this year in the craft world, and I thought I'd take a swing at it and use it for toddler and puppy friendly Christmas tree garland. 

You'll need two or three rolls of crepe paper in two different colors. I'm using this nice cherry red and apple green I found for a buck a piece at the yellow dollar store (when you live in a sleepy town like ours you'll have a red dollar store and a yellow dollar store). 

For thread choice you'll need any all purpose thread in either a contrasting color or the same color as crepe paper. You'll also need to set your tension setting on your machine to the highest setting possible.

You'll also need to turn your stitch length setting to the highest setting. On some machines and brands of crape paper this will be enough to create the ruffle, but on this one I had to also hold the thread at the top of the machine tight to create the ruffle. The material is cheap enough you can play around. 

Now you just lay the paper on top of each other and sew as normal. Like I said above, you MIGHT have to hold the tread at the top with one hand making it pull tight to ruffle. 

Keep sewing! My crepe paper was 81 feet long, so it took a while. But oh what fun it is to sew!

When you are done you'll have the cutest crepe paper ruffle perfect for birthdays, baby showers, prom, or any other celebration. 

Our house has two toddlers, a baby, and a new puppy. So I thought this would be a fun and safe garland for those who can not keep curious hands off new things.

We are not quite done decorating the tree yet, but I think it is coming along. Apple green, cherry red, and turquoise are my favorite Christmas color schemes. 

This would be the perfect time to introduce the craft world to the newest Scaff, Daisy. She is a Weimaraner and is already a full member of the Scaff clan. 

All three Scaff kids thinks she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. She was an anniversary gift for my husband a few weeks ago (our seventh year of marriage!), but the kids have claimed her as their own. God has blessed me with the perfect family; a great husband I've known since middle school, two beautiful and crafty daughters, one precious son who thinks his mom hung the moon, and now the perfect family dog.

God is good and I hope many blessings upon you this Holiday season as you celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Thanks for reading!