Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some 4th of July food for thought

I love holidays! Especially when you get to enjoy food, family, fireworks, and celebrating our beautiful country. 

So this blog is short and SWEET!

Popcorn poop:
*1 stick of butter melted
*1 bag of marshmallows melted and mixed with the butter
*TONS of popcorn
*1 large bag of M & Ms

Melt and mix. I was inspired by the Cookies and Cups popcorn cake. Ours is just a pile of YUM! Not the prettiest but OHHH BOY!

Apple Pies on a Stick:

This one is easy peezy. 

*pre-made pie filling
*apple pie spice
*pre-made pie crust
*bamboo skewers
*egg yolk

(can you tell I shop at a certain store and buy generic?)

Preheat to 350 degrees. Cut little circles out of pie crust (I used a cup as a cookie cutter). Spoon on pie filling and lay skewer on. Cut a second circle and lay on top. Mix egg yolk and a dash of water to give the outside an egg bath. Sprinkle on some sugar mixed with apple pie spice. Use a fork to flute the edges.

Bake until crust is cooked and DONE!

With an election year looming lets remember to keep some of the abundance of pride we feel on the 4th and be civil to others we may not agree with politically. Try to remember what we tell our kids: treat others how you want to be treated. Just food for thought.  Thanks for reading!
God bless America! 

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