Monday, June 6, 2011

The Mexican Two Step

This one is easy and WEIRD. Tonight I was wanting something sweet and different for dessert and thought back to an episode of Top Chef when they made a Mexican inspired dessert.

Miss Olivia LOVES to draw on those legs, and she said her baby, cat baby had to be in the next blog. So here is your 15 minutes cat baby!

Back to the dessert. This one is BEYOND easy. Just make any box of chocolate pudding and add chili powder and cinnamon. No measurements, this is strictly according to how much your taste tells you.

So why the Mexican Two Step? When I told my husband what I was making he said 'I'm not eating THAT. It'll give me the Mexican two step!' 

Excluding old fuddy duddy, daddy. I love that these two kids are willing to take a walk on the weird side every now and again.

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  1. Chili powder, you say? Hmmmm...I think I'll have to take your word for it. You do have me getting ready to whip up some chocolate pudding though (at 9am!)

    There's a fun surprise waiting for you on my blog this morning! :)

  2. hehe...this pudding was SOMETHING. Thats all I can say. And I FLIPPED when I saw!! Humbled and honored. =)