Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where are those darn badgers?!?!?!

Oh how I've missed my blog! Us badgers have just recently moved a whooping 3 miles from our old homestead. Moving a whole home while the hubby works 9 hours a night and 3 kids ages 3, 2, and 5 months old is quite the adventure.  

We have spent this week living like a band of gypsy's. Sleeping on a air mattress, meals that include bologna, bananas, and bagels (not pregnant I SWEAR!), and all around chaos has put my crafting to a grinding stop. For some reason no one shares my opinion that the craft stuff should be unpacked first. 

So this week I thought I would take this time to introduce my 3 baby badgers. These 3 kids make crafting fun and easy!

We have been spending these first few days enjoying the cool rain on these HOT days.

This is Miss Olivia, the oldest badger. At 3 years old she still can rock an awesome spandex neon colored bathing suit with a side pony tail and awesome band-aid like any 80s rad chick.

She also has enough spunk for a whole herd of little girls. A girl with a korker bow and a stick is a recipe for trouble.

Next up is the red headed stranger himself, Cody!
He loves this stroller and will pretend to push his babies (a ball with a wolf on it) around for hours. But he's cute enough to pull it off.

Like his sister he is over ran with spunky, rowdy energy. We had a blast taking these sticks and launching them into the field.

The youngest badger is Abigail. Abigail enjoyed our play in the rain under the comfy tent we pitched for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. She looks just like her father and has a joyful, Chris Farley type of humor. Always laughing!

How can you not get inspired by this face?!?!

I really hope to get back to crafting new and exciting things soon. And of course blogging about them!

The support and kindness the craft-blog world has shown me is beyond humbling and touching. I enjoy all the awesome ladies in this great field and I am honored to be amongst such crafty ladies.

So stay tuned...hoping to get the craft lab up and running after our family vacation in 3 weeks. 

In the meantime:

'Mama, just ONE more picture! Then we are done.'

'Ok mama, this is the LAST one!'

They hate my picture addiction but I don't want to miss a single moment with my poor badgers.


  1. You have such scrummy children, they look so cute! Have a great weekend and I hope you can get settled in to your new home!

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